With a rich smoke heritage, our premium, authentic salmon products enable endless pairing options to please the palate

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Every Day We Are Inspired By Our Surroundings

We are inspired by the majestic mountains, the stunning glacial fjords, the pristine waters and the steadfast ocean tides. This is our home—Latitude 45—located in the heart of Patagonia. It is a place of rich heritage and natural treasures. But, most of all, it is where we draw our inspiration to create the most delicious, premium and authentic salmon products.

Our Roots

We pay homage to its rich culinary tradition and naturally inspired ingredients in everything we do—from raising salmon with nurturing care to implementing world-class sustainable practices that support the environment, from creating a smoking process based on meticulous craft to sourcing naturally balanced woods that are grown locally to smoke our salmon.

Latitude 45 Seeks To Be The Best Purveyors of Salmon In The World

We strive to consistently deliver to the most delicious, premium, authentic and sustainably produced salmon, inspired and crafted in the tradition of Patagonia.

We want to share the beauty of Patagonia while preserving its environment, supporting its local communities and protecting its natural resources for future generations.

It is because of Patagonia’s natural, simple, yet alluring beauty that we are moved to introduce to the world Latitude 45 smoked salmon.

Latitude 45 is OU Kosher and BAP 4-Star Certified.