With a rich smoke heritage, our premium, authentic salmon products enable endless pairing options to please the palate

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Latitude 45 Smoked Roasted Cajun Salmon, 4 oz
salmon avocado summer rolls recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com
This sounds so good right now! Smoked salmon on potato rosti.
Latitude 45 Cold Smoked Traditional Salmon, 3 oz
Homemade Smoked Salmon Dip has an incredible real smoked salmon flavour that you simply can't buy in tubs from the supermarket! Made with cream cheese, lemon, dill and smoked salmon.
Heavenly Smoked Salmon Dip Deviled Eggs combine the dangerously decadent quality of smoked salmon dip with classic deviled eggs.

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Our smoked salmon is always made from fresh salmon and smoked within 24 hours of leaving the water. All of our salmon is hand-selected to ensure premium quality. We offer both cold smoked and smoke roasted salmon produced with our own special recipes.

Fresh & Healthy

Every piece of Latitude 45 salmon is a nutritious source of Omega 3s, Vitamins A - B12 – D – E, Selenium, Iodine. The American Heart Association recommends consumption of at least two portions of fish per week. Latitude 45 salmon is a great choice.

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